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November 30, 2016 minutes : a 2016 wrap up

Good morning Ladies

Many thanks:
First of all, a huge thanks to everyone that came yesterday. I know it is getting to be that nutty time of the year and we are all just trying to make it through healthy and not overwhelmed. Barb and Ruthie...it was awesome to see you both after enduring such physical challenges.

Regrettably, I did not have the time to give proper thanks to all of you for contributing to a wonderful group doing a thing for our community.

Donations: $11,715 total raised this year (includes $2365 from Fundraiser).

Total overall donations since 2007: $132,438 to various Charities

**all of this is listed on our website*** mCentred.ca

I want to thank Lee Ann and Bari for collecting kitty fees and buying gifts for our speakers...very very very much appreciated.

Thank you to Yasmeen, Nicola, Anne and Juliette for helping with speakers this past year. It was valuable to have members have input on who they would like to hear from. I would like to keep this trend moving forward into 2017.

Thank you to Cathy Barrett who be our new Chair starting 2017. You will do a fantastic things I know.

I realize it is another period of transition, not unlike 5 years ago, when I took over the reigns from Juliette. I thank Juliette for giving me this opportunity because it has been an amazing 5 years of growth personally on a number of levels. It was one of the hardest jobs I have worked for and yet the most rewarding and enjoyable.

Thank you very much for the lovely card...I love the tree!!! and who knew I LOVE bracelets!!! This one from Maria Rudman is beautiful. I love the write up on it. Thank you very much!!!!

A recap from yesterday

We were so fortunate to have Maria Hudspith, Executive Director, Pain BC, come to speak. It was one of those speakers who somehow engrossed us so much that the time fly by so fast. She talked about:
1) What is chronic pain?
2)Impact on people and families, health care system.
3)Pain BC's strategic plan for 2015 to 2018:
Prevention and Early Intervention
Education, Empowerment and Support for People in Pain
Empower Health Care Provider with Tools and Skills.
Facilitate System Improvement
Engage a Coalition to Reduce Stigma: National Pain Awareness week
Foster Pain & Pain Related Disability Research

please visit: painbc.ca
Food for thought for 2017:

What things would you like to stay?
What things would you like to see change?

Would you like to continue with mCentred.
Please advise Cathy of your intentions, ideas, speakers for the new year, how you would like to contribute to mCentred.


Our dates for 2017:
January 25th: Important meeting: new beginnings
February 8th: Mike Harcourt, former Premiere of BC
March 8th
April 12th
May 10th
June 7th
Fall to be determined soon

Have a wonderful holiday season: Peace and Joy