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Minutes for November 9th 2016

Good evening everyone

First of all, huge thanks to Juliette for organizing our field trip to the Irving K Barber Learning Centre. I believe I can speak for all of us who were fortunate to have gone on the tour, felt it was very fascinating in addition to being most informative.
I took notes on my phone but unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the draft....I have attached numerous photos of our morning which will give you a glimpse of what we saw.
We started with look at some books in the Rare Books and Special Collections with Librarian Chelsea. We got to physically touch and examine books from the 1500s to 1800s...very cool!
We had look at where 1.2 million books are stored (in 60,000 steele bins in 4 enormous rows)...only 20 minutes to order a book and have it ready for pickup.
We had tour of the Chapman learning centre where students can study in rooms that look like they were taken off the set of Harry Potter movies. Julie Mitchell emphasized how the library does its best to accommodate the students learning needs, employ the students in their information areas and trying to be at the forefront of enabling the best learning experience for the students....I wish they had this much help when I was in university.
We ended with a brief chat from Keven Madill, head of Music, Arts and Architecture Library. One of the projects he is working on is collecting compositions from highly esteemed women composers...trying to build a collection that will become a valuable resource for students.
Peter Andreasen, Development officer at UBC, encouraged us to contact him with any questions. You can also have a tour of the facility:
For more info, please check out their website:
Have a look at the attached photos.
Next and Final meeting; Wednesday November 30 downtown
Important meeting as it will the final one of the year. We will be talking about how to run mCentred next year under the leadership of Cathy Barrett. This is your group and we would like to have your feedback, suggestions and assistance in keeping mCentred going strong in 2017 and beyond.