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Minutes for September 14th 2016

Good afternoon Ladies,

It was great to see the majority of the group this morning. It is unfortunate that a few of you had to miss this due to colds/fevers. It seems too soon to start the battle with the school viruses. I wish everyone a speedy recovery because this nice weather won’t last long.

We had the pleasure of Avis Hartley speaking (very poetically I might add) to our group. She recited many of her poems, shared her illustrations and revealed her inspirations for her work. Her articulation was very calming. Although her poems are marketed for children, they are also very much enjoyed by adults. Avis did a superb job of explaining various styles of poems such as acrostics, quintet, etc. She revealed that she always an image in her mind when writing a poem and the rhyme comes second. Her first book, Leap into Poetry, came out in 2000 followed by 5 others. Some of us were fortunate enough to purchase some of these. Avis is currently trying to get her latest book of poetry on Bees published, some of which we had the pleasure of listening to her recite. I am going to follow up on this with her. On a final note, she encouraged us to read a few lines of poems to our children on a daily basis….good for the soul.

A couple of Avis's books of poetry worthy to read:

The Monarch's Progress: Poems with Wings

African Acrostics: A word in Edgeways

Hard to believe that Fall is around the corner and with that the final few meetings of 2016. I will remind you of our fall dates:

Wednesday October 12th: Mario Canseco, Vice President of Insight West, Mario is a pollester who will give us some thoughts on the US election

Wednesday November 9th: Juliette’s field trip to UBC

Wednesday, November 30th: Final meeting for the year
I have no speaker booked as I think this would be a great opportunity to discuss the future of mCentred. Please think about what you would like to see happen, how you may want to get involved.

Lee Ann suggested that perhaps we change the format of how mCentred has been run. Having a group of people take on various tasks to organize the year. I think this is an excellent idea. It is very overwhelming to have just one person be in charge of running everything. It takes commitment from everyone but in the end, it will be a worthy endeavour. I really hope one of you will step up as Leader…it is an awesome opportunity and you have a great team already behind you.

Important news:
Two of our members have departed due to personal obligations. Sarah  has taken on managing an art gallery. Cynthia decided to move back to Nova Scotia. It was very hard on her and her children to be so far away from her husband and Father. Both Ladies really enjoyed their time with mCentred. Hoping to persuade Cynthia to come out for a visit and time it with one of our meetings.