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Minutes from March 2016 meeting

Hello Ladies

Thank you for coming to our meeting yesterday. I started off the meeting by reading some letters written by teachers from Lord Strathcona School and Van Horne Elementary schools thanking us for our contribution to Project Chef. Both were able to participate in the week long cooking experience.
Some positive comments noted by these teachers:
"children are cooking on the weekend and are proud to tell their classmates what healthy meals they have made, and children are bringing healthier snacks to school"
"several ESL children who were not speaking very much this year, are speaking more than ever"
"children are helping set the table and washing dishes at home, and children are cooperating more in their groups and saying 'thank you' more often."
"we could see from the students' engagement and in their reflective writing how much they gained in skills, knowledge and self-confidence"
Both schools felt Project Chef was a fantastic opportunity and would not have been possible without our generous support.
Big THANKS to you all and our speakers for this making happen.
We had the fortunate experience of having Beth Freeman speak to us yesterday. She wrote and directed, Sisters in Arms, a documentary on women in combat. This documentary was inspired by the bravery of her sister, Tamar, a patrol medic who was deployed to Afghanistan. Beth followed the stories of 3 women (Tamar, Kimberly and Katie) in the most difficult and dangerous military professions. Kimberly worked as an engineer assembling weapons. Her husband is also in the military and they take turns going on assignment. The predominant difficults she faced was being away from her 3 children and dealing with her husband's post traumatic stress disorder.
Katie fought on the front lines. Despite the difficulties they faced as women in a male dominated profession, the physical challenges of the job, personal sacrifices made to get there, and the emotional pain from comrades killed over there: all 3 loved their jobs, time and contribution to the military.

You can watch the entire 48 min documentary by clicking on this link:


Important stuff for April:

1) next meeting: April 6 with Catherine Regehr , a fashion designer. Nicola has kindly arranged this.
2) Fundraiser in my home on Thursday evening April 14th:

Meeru Dwhala, author, chef and co-owner of Indian restaurants Vij's and Rangoli

I would like you guys to send me the names and emails of friends you would like to invite. Don't worry about how many you want to invite as experience tells me that not everyone can make it. Please send me names of whoever you would like to bring. **I would like these by the end of this weekend, Sunday March 6th as I would like to get my invite out through Paperless Post by Wednesday March 9th of next week.
How much? Members are free as this is included in your membership fees. The cost for your friends is $50. Your friends will get a tax receipt.
Meeru will give a talk about 30 minutes and then answer questions. I think asking her to cook is going to be challenging with lots of guests. She is an amazing speaker! She is super energetic, funny and very inspiring. It will be a treat for all. I am encouraging you all to invite your friends.
She has many of her own causes and is happy to do this for Project Chef.
And...she is going to bring some food. However, I would like us to bring some food and wine. When we get closer to the date, I will ask some of you to bring food and others to bring wine. I will get some Pellegrino sponsored. I am confident that The Secret Tea garden will provide some goodies too.
Thats all for now!