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Minutes from February 3rd 2016

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful long weekend.  
Thanks to all that we are able to attend our meeting last week.  We had the pleasure of hearing Cea Person speak to us about her book:
North of Normal:  A Memoir of My Wilderness Childhood, My Counterculture Family and How I Survived Both
Cea presented a photo history of her story, read some passages from her book and spoke very eloquently about her upbringing.  It was personable, candid, and astonishing at the same time.  I highly encourage you to read the book.  It is quite shocking and revealing.   It is unfathomable how her Mother exposed her to a life with drugs, sex,  the harsh elements of the wilderness survival and the impoverished conditions of city life. Yet is a story of resilience, courage, love and understanding.  
One of the quotes from the book that resonated with me was when Cea met a homeless man on a hike on a North Shore.  She was reminded of her Grandfather's belief in all that one needed was food, water, shelter and clothing.  She says to the homeless person, "There is something he (her Grandfather) forgot.  More than anything, everyone needs a family." (page 290)
check out Cea's website:
Next meeting: Wednesday March 2nd
Who:  Beth Freeman (change in speaker as Vicki Greenwood is not able to attend)
Beth will talk about her documentary on women in combat.  I will send you links to it once I get confirmation from her.
Where: downtown
Subsequent meetings:
April 6th: Catherine Regehr
April 14th (Thursday evening) Meeru Dhawala in my home 
May11th: Susan Bibbings
Planning for mini fundraiser in my home:  Thursday evening April 14th
Members do not pay as this is included in your membership fees.
Please invite your friends or family to come.
What is everyone's though on how much we should charge our guests?
In the past, we have asked for $50.  If this seems reasonable, we can keep it at that or do you feel like we could charge more?
Meeru will bring a little bit of food.  I usually ask members to donate something to bring either food or wine.  
All proceeds will go to Project Chef.
Please let me know your thoughts.
Donations for Project Chef:
I have collected some cheques from the following people:
Barb H
For those who have not given me cheques, you can do so at the next meeting.
I would like to give them to Barb before March Break.
Please make cheque to :  Greater Vancouver Food Bank
on memo line:  For Project Chef from mCentred
Thanks so much
Please RVSP for next meeting.