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Designated Charities

Philanthropy is the very essence of mCentred: it’s our motivation and an avenue for personal growth and community development. 100 percent of our membership fees are donated to improve the lives of local women in need . One of the unique aspects of mCentred is that they like to keep everything "local"...from their members, guest speakers to the charities they donate to. More specifically, the charity must involve women and children. Our beneficiaries include:
  • 2018-2020 Saint James Music Academy
    SJMA is the story of one person's determination to give children a better chance in life. When cuts to public school funding during the last economic recession meant that Vancouver's inner-city children had limited or no access to quality music education, long-time Downtown Eastside area resident Kathryn Walker decided to do something about it. She began a two-year process of building alliances and support in the community for a music academy that would not only teach music but use music as a means of reversing the negative social forces that neighbourhood children commonly face. SJMA opened its doors in September, 2007 with 45 enrollments and a budget of $37,000. Since then, the Academy has grown rapidly each year, touching the lives of many hundreds of children. Today there are 200 children in the core after-school programs and another 250 children in outreach programs.

  • 2015-2017 Project Chef
    Project Chef: mCentred raised $56,515 for this organization.

    Barb Finlay started this non-profit program in 2008 with the vision of teaching children how to cook healthy edible food. She has partnered with the Vancouver School Board and the Vancouver Food Bank to provide a curriculum based school program that targets school primarily in more social economic challenged areas of the city. Project Chef teaches children where food comes from, what it tastes like, how to prepare it and enjoy sharing it around a table. The benefits to children are multitude: knowledge and skills to make healthy choices, team work, increased academic cognition, increased confidence, sensitivity to environmental issues and respect for food.

  • 2012-2014 Spring House Shelter
    mCentred supported Spring House Shelter from 2012 till 2014 and raised a total of $33,188.- for this organization.

    Spring House Shelter operates under the umbrella of The Bloom Group.This shelter is the only one in the city of Vancouver which accepts women and children (male and female) of all ages. It provides supportive, non-judgemental, women-centred service to single women and families. It has a 32 bed of low barrier (meaning they welcome women with mental health issues , addictions and on methadone) emergency housing (shelter). There is also a second phase of housing which has 10 units of short term housing for up to 2 years.

    For the year of 2011, the shelter served 236 women and children and 127 of these secured housing or treatment. The second phase provided long term housing for 17 women and 15 children. Of this group, 13 women and children secured permanent housing throughout the year.
  • 2011 Rare Disease Foundation
    mCentred supported the Rare Disease Foundation in 2011 and raised a total of $12,635.- for this organization.

    mCentred’s donation to the Rare Disease Foundation helped in 2 significant ways.

    1. Half of the money was used to develop a new screening test: GAMT gene testing. A pilot study will be commencing in spring of 2012 with the newborn screening.
    2. The other half assisted a family with an 18 month boy, Ayzac, with severe chronic and rare disease. mCentred's donation enabled Ayzac to received diagnostic testing.
  • 2010 Avalon
    Avalon Women’s Centres provide a supportive environment with resources for women seeking recovery from addiction. It’s the only non-residential, peer support facilities for women in Canada offering peer support programs, child minding, and health and education workshops.

    mCentred has raised a total of $12,550.- for Avalon from the period September 2009 till June 2010.
  • 2007-2009 BC Women's
    mCentred started out in 2007 raising money for BC Women's Hospital in Vancouver BC. Funds to BC Women’s Hospital Foundation supported other mothers – and women – in the community through this unallocated gift of $7,500,- to the Foundation.

    From 2008 till june 2009 money was raised specifically for their Women Abuse Response Programme. This outreach program of BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre Foundation provides BC communities with training and resources needed to help women who are impacted by violence in their relationships. In total mCentred raised $9,500,- for this program.

    An additional $8,600 was given to local charities under Lucila McElroy's leadership.
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